Consultations are always complimentary



  Women                                                                                                           Starting at 50

  Men                                                                                                                 Starting at 25

Tween                                                                                                              Starting at 30

Children                                                                                                          Starting at 20


Blow out up or down, curly or straight                                                    Starting at 25


Permanent – long lasting, excellent gray coverage

Virgin                                                                                                              Starting at 65

Retouch                                                                                                          Starting at 55

Demi Permanent – high shine low ammonia

Virgin                                                                                                              Starting at 65

Retouch                                                                                                          Starting at 55

Refresh ends                                                                                                  Starting at  1

Foil Highlights – adds high/low lights to your hair color

Full head                                                                                                         Starting at 115

3/4 head                                                                                                          Starting at 85

Partial                                                                                                               Starting at 60

Singles                                                                                                              Starting at 3

Balayage –French for “sweeping”, artistic, hand painting approach to hair color

Full head or few                                                                                            Upon Consultation

Creative Color – Can be a little something special to the outrageous

Let’s have some fun                                                                                     Upon Consultation

Color Correction                                                                                           Upon Consultation


Texture – Adds wave or removes it

Permanent Wave                                                                                            Starting at 65

Anti Wave/Relaxers                                                                                      Upon Consultation


Conditioners – Maintains healthy, shiny hair

Recommended on a monthly basis                                                           Starting at 10


Eye lash, brow color

Eye Lash Tint                                                                                                Starting at 20

Eye Brow Tint –                                                                                             Starting at 10


Waxing  –Removes unwanted hair

Eye Brow                                                                                                       Starting at 15

Lip                                                                                                                  Starting at 10

Chin                                                                                                               Starting at 10


Make Up                                                                                                      Upon Request

Weddings                                                                                                    Upon Consultation


prices are subject to change without notice.


6 thoughts on “Menu

    • HELLO Wendy
      Sorry, we don’t take appointments on line.
      We prefer to talk to you, so we have the correct timing. Please give us a call and if we aren’t here, leave us a message on our answering machine. We will call you back!
      Hope to talk to you soon

  1. Hello,
    I have been to flux twice and absolutely loved it each time. I am thinking about coming here to get prepared for prom (makeup + hair). Would you be able to do a prom hairstyle? And makeup as well if I requested it in advance? And do you have an estimate for the hair/make up? Thank you so much and I look forward to coming again soon!

    • HELLO, YES WE LOVE PROMS! Our up-dos start about $50. The best thing to do is come in for a complimentary consultation, when you have your dress. We can disgusts hair styles that flatter you and compliment the dress. I work with a couple freelance make-up artist. When is your prom and what school? thank you Peggy

  2. I am from Hinsdale Central and Prom is May 3rd- so I am thinking way in advance. I am also planning to go with another friend of mine. I would love to come in for a consultation sometime maybe next weeked. I can call to make an appointment soon… Thanks!

    • What would be the best time to come in for a consultation? I realized Saturday is probably a busy day for you. Do you have any availability on Saturday or Sunday?

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